Daniel E. Grayson, DVM


     Gentle, humane, in-home euthanasia is perhaps the single most important service Dr. Grayson provides. He believes performing euthanasia in the home environment greatly reduces the stress on both the patient and guardian. 

     What you should expect:   

    This service includes a brief evaluation of the patient, sedation as needed or by request, the euthanasia itself, and a variety of after-care options including transportation and cremation or interment.
Featured Photo

mixed Patterdales

such intense expressions!


This is Mozembe, turning twenty this week .... and finally showing age.  He appears about fifteen now; until 2010, he still looked like a two-year old!

New favorite

Mattie always takes a toy with her when going out for a walk.  Frequently, she grabs one in a way that partially obscures her vision, but she never seems to mind....

Queeny and Brandy

Queeny and Brandy are sisters adopted a few years ago, and are now neighborhood fixtures!


this is Rusty, a young pup of the Havanese breed, which is becoming increasingly popular in the area.