Daniel E. Grayson, DVM

Great article on the stigma of the Pit Bull by Tom Junod (of Rolling Stone) in Esquire Mag

Tom Junod in Esquire Mag - READ -->  State of the America Dog, by Tom Junod  (http://www.esquire.com/features/american-dog-0814)
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mixed Patterdales

such intense expressions!


This is Mozembe, turning twenty this week .... and finally showing age.  He appears about fifteen now; until 2010, he still looked like a two-year old!

New favorite

Mattie always takes a toy with her when going out for a walk.  Frequently, she grabs one in a way that partially obscures her vision, but she never seems to mind....

Queeny and Brandy

Queeny and Brandy are sisters adopted a few years ago, and are now neighborhood fixtures!


this is Rusty, a young pup of the Havanese breed, which is becoming increasingly popular in the area.