Daniel E. Grayson, DVM
Our housecall, veterinary concierge, and in-home euthanasia services are now available in the Hamptons and other areas in Suffolk County.

attention: owners of diabetic dogs and cats: insulin, especially the newer ones I tend to prescribe, like Lantus and Levemir, are very expensive. PLEASE wrap the vials in some padding such as bubble wrap to minimize the chance of breakage. Several of my clients have lost insulin valued in the hundreds of dollars when the glass vial dropped and shattered.

Please take a few minutes to either send us an email with your full, updated contact information, or accomplish the same thing, plus a bit more, by clicking on the 'paw' button below and registering for the online pharmacy and store.

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The Home Vet is offering pet supplies and veterinary medications 
through Vet's First Choice for your pet's health and wellness needs. 

 theHomeVet.com   offers house call / concierge veterinary services to the people and pets                                                                of the New York City and the Hamptons areas. 

         While not appropriate for all patients, in-home care can be useful for:
  • compassionate euthanasia at home
  • patients that are overly stressed in the hospital setting
  • patients that are difficult or impractical to transport, such as advanced geriatrics and very infirm patients
  • housebound clients
  • behavioral evaluations and consultations, where evaluation at home provides additional information
home visits can also be an adjunctive for:
  • second opinions
  • health certificates and travel documents
  • microchip ID implantation
  • laboratory sample collection
  • follow-up and progress exams
  • bandage and splint changes
  • healthy pet exams and required vaccinations
  • arthritis and mobility therapies
  • physical rehabilitation treatments
  • dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, and exotic pets 
home visits are less suitable for:
  • serious and urgent illnesses
  • poisonings
  • trauma
  • emergency triage
  • chemotherapy protocols 
Our emphasis is on your petís quality of life. Optimum care is achieved when the client and veterinarian work together as a team.

The Home Vet prefers EMAIL
 as the method of communication, but please use phone call or texting in more urgent situations.

Please note: the visit fee for in-home euthanasia is incurred as soon as the veterinarian departs for the destination, i.e., if the pet expires prior to the veterinarian's arrival, this fee is still owed.  The cremation and euthanasia fees are not owed.

Telephone consultations will be billed $3.00/minute plus $12.00 for the first minute; the fee may be waived at the discretion of the veterinarian.

Routine exams will generally be scheduled for Tuesdays, though other days are often available.  Please e-mail your request to doc@thehomevet.com

serving New York City and the Hamptons

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mixed Patterdales

such intense expressions!


This is Mozembe, turning twenty this week .... and finally showing age.  He appears about fifteen now; until 2010, he still looked like a two-year old!

New favorite

Mattie always takes a toy with her when going out for a walk.  Frequently, she grabs one in a way that partially obscures her vision, but she never seems to mind....

Queeny and Brandy

Queeny and Brandy are sisters adopted a few years ago, and are now neighborhood fixtures!


this is Rusty, a young pup of the Havanese breed, which is becoming increasingly popular in the area.